At St Laurence, we are committed to the vision that people are our treasure. It is through this vision that we strive to develop courageous advocates across St Laurence School as when given the opportunity young people can have a profound impact on their community.

Involvement in leadership activities can improve students’ learning as well as helping them to develop the skills and traits needed for success outside of the classroom. St Laurence School’s Student Leadership programme aims to increase the opportunity for Student Leadership across the school, enhance the input students have and ensure all students feel represented by their peers and are valued as members of the school community.

Whole school provision and leadership structure

St Laurence School’s student leadership model aims to be inclusive to ensure that all students have an opportunity to lead. We are committed to ensure that our students’ voices are heard and that change can be facilitated in a meaningful way. Our Student Leadership Groups play a significant role in listening to student voice and putting this into actionable plans to facilitate change. These are discussed and agreed to by our Senior Student Team who have oversight of all student leadership and activities. Our Head Students lead the Senior Student Team and work collaboratively with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to ensure all stakeholders are involved and listening to the views of our young people.


What are we looking for from student leaders?

  • A positive attitude towards the school, including commitment to the school aims and objective in becoming a “great” school.
  • Their support of a range of school activities and events
  • Adherence to school uniform and presentation standards
  • An exemplary record in terms of attainment, attendance and punctuality
  • A keen sense of responsibility
  • A high level of motivation including a willingness to work with and learn from their peers
  • Confidence and the ability to communicate effectively
  • Skills in Leadership and team work
  • Reliability and dedication
  • Ability to inspire other students and command the respect of their peers
  • A positive role model
  • Willing to assist others
  • Willing to help coordinate/run specific events
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent organisational skills

Personal development and the benefits of student leadership

Leadership can provide students with a range of opportunities and help them develop key skills such as communication; both their written and verbal communication skills will develop as Student Leaders are involved in a number of different activities such as presentations. Organisational skills will also be important in a Student Leadership role and these opportunities will help them to plan and lead upcoming whole school events. Prioritisation, listening and feedback skills are also amongst those they will develop.

Being a student leader will provide plentiful opportunities to develop transferable skills to support students in their careers in later life.

The leadership programme will allow students to develop and discover their interests beyond that of the academic. It will also enable students to build their resilience, confidence and independence as well as help to equip them to be responsible, respectful and active members of our school community.


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