The Special Educational Needs team comprises experienced staff who work closely together, offering a wide range of provision across all year groups in the school. This includes in-class support from experienced Teaching Assistants, withdrawal programmes to boost social skills, emotional well-being and self-esteem, literacy, numeracy and core intervention programmes, as well as some off-site provision. Students with particular needs can have access to Study Support, the Quiet Zone, the Cosy Room or the Learning Zone, where they can benefit from a more personalised curriculum, or just enjoy social time with their peers in a nurturing environment. Programmes currently on offer include Art Expression, Music Expression and Lego© Therapy, as well as homework support and individual support identified by the pastoral, academic and SEND teams. There is specialist advice and support available for students with a range of needs, including those on the autistic spectrum, those with dyslexia or speech and language difficulties, as well as students who require support with their physical/visual and mental health needs. Our offer is reviewed regularly and changes to accommodate new needs, and we endeavour to offer a personalised approach whenever possible.

The roles and responsibilities across the team are set out below:

Contact Sophie Watts (SENDCo) who has overall responsibility for all areas of Special Educational Needs, or Mrs Joanne Mumford (Deputy SENDCo). The SENDCo and Deputy SENDCo work closely together to lead, manage and coordinate provision.

Contact Mrs Maguire (Assistant SENDCo) or Mrs Jo Ridyard (Assistant SENDCo) in the first instance, who coordinate meetings and respond to a wide variety of SEN issues/queries on a day-to-day basis.

Mrs Mumford (Deputy SENDCo – Dyslexia and Speech and Language Specialist)who oversees the dyslexia testing in the school and provides speech and language support, offering advice and guidance for students, staff and parents. Mrs Watts, Mrs Ridyard and Mrs Mumford also organise the school’s Access Arrangements for public examinations.

Contact Ms Louise Stradling (Literacy Coordinator) who organises additional literacy programmes.

Contact Mrs Sam Rees (Numeracy Coordinator) who organises additional numeracy programmes.

Parents and carers who wish to raise a complaint about the support provided by the school for students with special educational needs or disabilities should follow the school complaints procedures.

Paper copies of all information contained on this website are available on request.