Additional Educational Needs incorporates the School’s special educational needs and the School’s Lead Learner provision.The team works closely together and offers a wide range of provision including in-class support from experienced Teaching Assistants, programmes to boost social skills and self-esteem, Dyslexia and Speech and Language support, Art Expression, Horse-Riding, as well as a variety of literacy and numeracy programmes.  Students with particular needs have access to Study Support and the Quiet Zone, where they can benefit from a more personalised curriculum. There is specialist advice and support available for students on the autistic spectrum.The roles and responsibilities of the key staff are listed below:

Contact Mrs Maguire (Assistant SENCo ) in the first instance Mrs Maguire coordinates meetings and responds to a wide variety of AEN issues on a day to day basis.

Contact Dr Alldred (Director of Personalised Learning) who has overall responsibility for all areas of Additional Educational Needs including managing the delivery of provision.

Contact Mrs Mumford (Dyslexia and Speech and Language Specialist) who oversees the dyslexia testing in the school and provides speech and language support, offering follow-up support, as well as advice and guidance for students, staff and parents. Dr Alldred and Mrs Mumford also organise the school’s Access Arrangements for public exams.

Contact Ms Brookes (Autistic Spectrum Disorder Coordinator) who supports students with an ASD, and provides advice and guidance for parents and staff.

Contact Miss Vial (Literacy Coordinator) who organises additional literacy programmes for all students across the school in need of extra support in this area.