The St Laurence School Council is a group of elected students from across the school who work together to address issues of concern and organise student events and activities. There is a Head Boy and Girl; Student Heads of Houses and Sixth Form; Coordinators that address key issues of charity, sustainability and student welfare.

The role of the School Council is:

1. To keep both parents and students updated on what we’re doing inside of school. The best way we believe for parents and students alike to be updated on what we are getting on with in school is via the St-Laurence web site. This way we can have brief updated summaries from each student heads of houses, the sustainability group and the charity coordinator.

2. To introduce a mentoring system called students for students. The ‘students for students’ mentoring scheme is an idea whereby older students will be available to support other members of the school through the trials and tribulations that can occur throughout key stage 3, 4 and 5.

3. To encourage the student body to put forward ideas for structuring collective worship. These ideas are sent to Ms James and Mrs Marlow as part of the Ethos group. Hopefully, there will also be opportunities for students to actually present these collective worships to the rest of the school so that not only engaging themes are discussed, but a familiar student face is leading the discussion.

Head Boy and Girl

Saphir Davies and Joseph Green


Hello, we are the new Head Students, Saphi Davies and Joe Green. We will be taking over from Zac and Meg this year and would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication to the school. They helped collect 150 shoeboxes for the Salvation Army at Christmas and raise lots of money for various charities.

Next year, we are planning to hold charity events for Sports relief, Children in Need and the other house charities to continue our goal of raising as much as possible for as many people as possible.

You can help us by checking the school website for dates of house and school charity events.

We look forward to leading St Laurence in a positive way!

Student Heads

Student Head of Ashley House



Max RuddMy name is Max Rudd, and I’m the new student head of Ashley house. Together with the school and house councils, I intend to try and improve the little things around school that can make it a better place. As student head of house my responsibilities lie in organising Ashely’s house events. Raising money for Wiltshire air ambulance, and other Charites, during house charity events is one of my key responsibilities, and I hope to be able to do something different for the school. I will also be running House council meetings, which is a way that everyone can get involved and put forward concerns and ideas. If you ever want to contact me, either email me at , or find the guy wearing shorts and speak to me in person.

Student Head of Budbury House

Isabella Pettitt

I’m Budbury’s student head of house. Along with being the representative for Budbury, I aim to be a vice for any students and help increase the communication between student and teachers to help better the school. I would like to organise enjoyable events to raise money for the house charity. I want to be approachable in and around school or email me at but most importantly, I hope to make a positive contribution to St Laurence School through my role of Student Head of House.

For the days of the house council meetings there will be a purple sheet with all the dates and where they are in each tutor.

Student Head of Conigre House


Lauren Hill

I’m this year’s Conigre house representative as Head of House. My aim is to encourage wider participation in charity events, so we can raise more money for the house charity: Mind. I would also like to get more people from across the school involved in House Council, so we can hear from everyone. There is a list of all House Council dates in tutor rooms, and meetings are held in S3, all students are welcome.

Student Head of Huntingdon House

Lily Whitehead – Young

I am currently representing Huntingdon Student House Council. Over the year, I aim to coordinate the events that raise money for our House Charity: Dorothy House. I plan to encourage all students’ contribution and participation within the school to ensure that their time spent here is valued by them and the school and i will also appreciate all ideas and contributions made by the students, both in council meetings and around the school. The Huntingdon House Council dates for this year are May Monday 13th, June Monday 3rd, and July Monday 8th. The dates for next year will be shown in your tutors.

Student Head of Westfield House

Charity Coordinator

My name is Louise Smith and I am this years Charity Coordinator. I hope this year I can raise as much money as possible for all the charities that we work with as a school, including our house charities. But I am only able to do this with YOUR help! So, this year I hope to get everybody involved in fund raising and making awareness so we can support people less fortunate and in need around the world. This year we will be running the Shoe Box Appeal with the Salvation Army at Christmas as well as a non-school uniform day in support of Children In Need. We have many other fundraising ideas planned, such as bake sales and Christmas Jumper.

Eco Group

My name is Fin Weetman and I am this year’s leader of the Eco Group. My hope for this year is to start and sustain an in-school conversation about how our school can educate students on the Climate Crisis and figure out ways to lessen our impact on the environment as a school community. To do this I will need your help and your ideas regardless of year group to get the ball rolling. The group’s first task is to increase eco brick production and collection and secure ways to put these to good use both inside and outside of our school community so we can not only help ourselves but also help other communities around the world.