The St Laurence School Council is a group of elected students from across the school who work together to address issues of concern and organise student events and activities. There are two Lead Students; Student Heads of Houses and 6th Form; Coordinators that address key issues of charity, sustainability and student welfare.

The role of the School Council is:

1. To keep both parents and students updated on what we’re doing inside of school. The best way we believe for parents and students alike to be updated on what we are getting on with in school is via the St-Laurence web site. This way we can have brief updated summaries from each student heads of houses, the sustainability group and the charity coordinator.

2. To introduce a mentoring system called students for students. The ‘students for students’ mentoring scheme is an idea whereby older students will be available to support other members of the school through the trials and tribulations that can occur throughout key stage 3, 4 and 5.

3. To encourage the student body to put forward ideas for structuring collective worship. These ideas are sent to Ms James and Mrs Marlow as part of the Ethos group. Hopefully, there will also be opportunities for students to actually present these collective worships to the rest of the school so that not only engaging themes are discussed, but a familiar student face is leading the discussion.