The St Laurence School Council is a group of elected students from across the school who work together to address issues of concern and organise student events and activities. There is a Head Boy and Girl; Student Heads of Houses and Sixth Form; Coordinators that address key issues of charity, sustainability and student welfare

Fynn Nott and Joce Spring – Head Boy and Head Girl 

Both Joce and myself are really pleased that we have the opportunity to be Head girl and boy for St-Laurence this year. We have decided to have three main targets that we aim to achieve by the end of our time at St-Laurence. These three aims are:

1. To keep both parents and students updated on what we’re doing inside of school. The best way we believe for parents and students alike to be updated on what we are getting on with in school is via the St-Laurence web site. This way we can have brief updated summaries from each student heads of houses, the sustainability group and the charity coordinator.

2. To introduce a mentoring system called students for students. The ‘students for students’ mentoring scheme is an idea whereby older students will be available to support other members of the school through the trials and tribulations that can occur throughout key stage 3, 4 and 5. As well as this we plan on creating a tutorial activity that will take place during term 6 whereby 6th formers talk to their tutor about how they have overcome the stress of exams and what inspired them, personally, to strive to achieve their best in school.

3. To encourage the student body to put forward ideas for structuring collective worship. These ideas are to go to Ms James and Mrs Marlow as part of the Ethos group. Hopefully, there will also be opportunities for students to actually present these collective worships to the rest of the school so that not only engaging themes are discussed, but a familiar student face is leading the discussion.

As well as this we have talked with Mrs Barba BLICT team on the importance of E-Safety and making the whole school aware of its benefits.

Student Heads

Holly Robert – Student Head of Ashley House

We were assigned Term 1 in which to do our fundraiser for our house charity, Wiltshire Air Ambulance. We decided to put on a talent show called ‘Fight for the Spotlight’. We managed to raise just over £160 which was a great achievement and it was an extremely enjoyable evening full of wonderful performances. Congratulations to our winner Claire Barnett-Tucker who did a wonderful song she had composed and written herself. Thank you to everyone who took part, came along and helped out. For the rest of the year I will be supporting and assisting the other houses, as well as Matt the Charity Coordinator and Maea our Sixth Form Student Head, in their fundraisers so we as a school can make sure to smash our fundraising target this year.

Georgia Rhodes – Student Head of Budbury House

I have organised a successful film screening evening to raise money for Cancer Research. I am in the process of organising a Christmas themed fundraiser for this year.

Sarah Barnett-Tucker – Student Head of Conigre House

During our first house council meeting we discussed voting for our new house charity. Prior to this meeting we created a tutor activity to encourage younger students to attend so that our house council is a true representative of all ages in our house. This was successful but we are still sixth form heavy. Lastly we discussed how we are going to get stronger feedback to and from tutor groups, this could possibility be done by putting notices about house council into the bulletin or email tutors each Monday.

Sophie Smith – Student Head of Huntingdon House

So far in house council meetings we have been discussing what we should do for our fundraiser over the Easter term. Our most popular idea at the moment is to do an Easter fun day.

Liz Kombate – Student Head of Westfield House

Westfield’s house charity will continue to be ‘Wateraid’ this academic year with Westfield having the Easter term to fundraise in. The plan is to do lots of little individual fundraisers (such as cake sales) in the term. House council meetings are held every week B Friday during tutorial in the conference room next to the ILC. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions for fundraising ideas or have any queries about joining Westfield’s council.

Maea White – Student Head of Sixth Form

Last year we raised money for our prom which was very successful, we also raised at least £600 for Julian House. For the next year I wish to raise more money for Julian house through cake sales at parent’s evenings.

Addressing Key Issues

Matt Ridyard – Charity Coordinator

Having been just given the position of charity co-ordinator, we have already raised an astonishing amount from only three events: Race for Life, Year 7 parents evening – selling tea, coffee biscuits and red noses – and Red Nose Day itself. I have developing ideas for each house to set up and run an event each (such as talent shows and sports events) as well as whole school activities/event days like the aforementioned Race for Life. As a community, we have already raised above 75% of our target total for this year and intend to keep increasing as the year continues. Thank you to everyone’s support in the events so far and we hope to see you at the upcoming fundraisers.

Sophia Thornton – Sustainability Group

The Sustainability Team forms a response to the global mistreatment and disconnection with the natural environment, we aim to act to move towards environmental sustainability for the school. Recently, we have introduced new recycling bins, alongside running briefings to help make people more aware about the damage plastic waste can have on the environment and talks on how to tackle climate change, with lecturers from Bath University. In the next few terms, we hope to work towards achieving an internationally recognised ‘Green Flag,’ which allows us to focus on a variety of areas to improve in the school, alongside planting 50 tree saplings in and around the school site and continuing to encourage members of the school to be aware and engaged with reducing the plastic waste. We think that Sustainability is key to school life, because the planet we live on, on which we are reliant, is under threat.

Harry Jones – Students for Students Coordinator

This is a new scheme we have launched and is aimed at providing a service for all students which will help everyone feel more safe and secure as well as ensuring everyone has a strong sense of belonging in the school environment. 20 students from Years 11-13 received training from the CAMHS team in Bath in order to become equipped with the necessary skills to deal with the possible scenarios we may have to deal with and it is these students who now form the Students for Students team.

There are 3 programmes we have kicked the project off with. Firstly we set a tutorial activity called ‘chipping away’ where students were encouraged to communicate with one another to role play how you can help someone cope with a bad day. We then began this term with year 7 catch up sessions where we created discussions with and amongst the new year 7s at school to discuss how they were settling in and any issues they may be having. Finally, there is an ongoing mentoring scheme where students are able to meet 1 on 1 with a member of the team to discuss anything on their mind. This is an alternative for students speaking to the senior safeguarding and is aimed to promote open discussions about pupil’s feelings and emotions.

Mental health amongst students is widely covered in the press and many fear not enough is done about it. Whilst it is a difficult subject to address, we feel that what we are doing is a small step to help anyone who may be struggling. The initial stage of the project has been very useful and there has been lots of positive feedback which we aim to use as both general pointers on how the school can improve its dealings with the subject matter as well as how we can help students on a personal level. The work I do to help is very morally rewarding and I hope it will go on to develop and continue to help others in the future.