Dear Parent,

Further to my email on the 25th August concerning the re-timing of the Southwick/Westwood bus to St Laurence due to the new traffic lights within the Town.

I am pleased to inform you that the removal of the traffic lights on Bradford Town bridge has helped significantly with traffic flow through the town and as a result, the Beeline coach is now arriving too early at the school so I am now pleased to inform you that from Monday 14th September, the Beeline Coach B3111 will revert to its normal timetable.

The new times as follows:

Southwick, Church 0735

Southwick, Hoopers Pool 0737

Wingfield, The Poplars 0745

Wingfield, Frome Rd 0746

Lower Westwood, New Inn 0750

Westwood Turning circle 0753

Westwood Post Office 0755

BOA, Elms Cross 0800

St Laurence School 0825

I’m sure this news will be welcomed by all especially as the pupils are they faced with new school practices and routines at school.

Kind regards,

Simon White

Senior Technical & Contracts Officer

Passenger Transport

Communities & Neighbourhood