Thank you for responding to our request for information so readily; this has been helpful in our planning.

What follows applies from Monday 23rd March and is our limited childcare provision. We may have to make changes as the week progresses and we will notify you of any changes.

  • The day will run from 9am – 3.00pm to facilitate staffing arrangements on site with a reduced team.
  • Students should wear normal school uniform and bring a PE kit.
  • Students can only access school through the front Ashley Road entrance. For security reasons all the other entrances will be locked.
  • Students must report to Trinity Hall on arrival so that their attendance can be registered
  • Please help us by ensuring that your child doesn’t arrive before 8.55am because we have no resources for supervision before that time.
  • Following registration, students will be sent to various locations for supervision which will involve working at a computer on the assigned tasks on Class Charts as they would be doing if they were able to be supervised at home.
  • Unfortunately Wiltshire Council have announced that no school transport will be available. We do not yet have information about any alternative arrangements.
  • Hand gel will be available when students enter school and they will be expected to use it.
  • If a child we are expecting does not arrive, we will follow our normal absence notification procedures.
  • There will be two half hour breaks during the day. The restaurant will be available, with the normal payment systems. If your child usually brings a packed lunch, they are still able to do this.
  • Students will be expected to behave to the highest standards and we reserve the right to cease the provision for any student who is disruptive.
  • Following government advice, we will be minimising social contact as much as is possible. As a result, only students from the identified categories and St Laurence staff will be able to enter the school building for the duration of the school closure.

Please can we remind you that the government advice remains that, the safest place for your child is at home to enable social distancing to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In addition, please do NOT send your child in if they have a high temperature and / or a continuous cough. They should be self-isolating at home together with other members of the household. If students develop these symptoms whilst at school, parents will be asked to collect them

I hope this provides enough information for you at this stage. We will provide any updates that are required as next week develops.