The Year 8 Subject Consultation Meetings take place on Thursday 10th May from 2.30pm – 7.30pm

Parents and carers will be able to make appointments using our online booking system from 9am on Thursday 3rd May. Appointment times will start at 2.30pm and will continue until 7.25pm. Further information about how to book your appointment and a guide explaining how to prepare for the Subject Consultation Meetings and detailing all of the practical arrangements can be found on this website under the ‘Information’ tab, selecting ‘Documents and Forms’ and scrolling to ‘Guidance and Information’.

Letters have been sent home with further information and guidance about the Year 8 Subject Consultation Meetings.

Please remember that the school will finish at 1.20pm for all students in all years. Buses will leave at 1.30pm on this day, except for the Libra Travel Bus. Please make alternative arrangements for any student who usually catches this bus.