The majority of the time on the walk the students will be indoors at 5 different churches around Bradford-on-Avon. At some of these churches, there will be a drink provided and church building are usually cool. It is, however, most important that students bring water to drink and have a hat to protect them. They will be given frequent opportunities to drink. Make sure they have sun cream and they should put that on before we leave.

Bags should be left at school in their tutor rooms so they do not need to carry their bags with them. Students just need their clipboards, a pen, their questions and some water.

We shall be walking as much as possible in the shade down into town and on the return trip. At any time there should not be more than about 20 minutes outside, with time to recover inside for about 25 minutes in each church. They should return by 12.15 so most of the walk will not be in the hottest temperatures.

If, for any reason, students feel unable to continue, there is a minibus available to return them to school.