At the end of lHoh Doorast term, students from 7LG8 and members from the after-school Art Club created this wonderful piece of artwork for the doors leading to the Head of House office, which is located just behind student reception.

The starting point for the two main door panels was to use the 5 house colours and emblems from each house shield as inspiration, and also the St Laurence logo. The students developed these ideas into a more decorative, abstract design using black paper ‘Notan’ paper cuts. ‘Notan’ is a Japanese design concept looking at negative and positive space, using light and dark harmony to create a balanced design.

The vertical panels are more abstract again as the students were given more freedom to design their own ideas as well as using the house motifs, school logo and symbols to represent school activities.

A special thanks go to the following students, who in their own time through art club helped to create such a wonderful piece of art:

  • Kitty Greig
  • Elin Lee
  • Hannah Wheeler
  • Madeleine Purdew
  • Emily Tasker
  • Leo Adlam
  • Ruby May Ellis
  • Emily Creed