Please can you make sure your children are aware that the recently installed zebra crossing on the Winsley Road at the top of Conigre Hill is not yet in use. There are barriers either side of the road in front of the crossing to indicate this and no Belisha Beacons are yet in place. However, local residents and the Council have advised us that St Laurence School students are using the crossing as if it is open and by doing so they run a real risk of being hit as drivers have no legal obligation to stop at this crossing yet. With the dark mornings and evenings it is hard for drivers to see anyone on this as yet unlit crossing.

We have raised serious concerns with the Council about the length of time it has been since the crossing was installed and becoming in use legally but in the meantime please impress upon your children that they must not use the crossing until it has the Belisha Beacons installed and the barriers are removed. We have been advised that this won’t be until 16 November.