Making decisions at the age of 14 can seem daunting, but students are well supported in this process. In February, we arrange workshops and discussion groups for all Year 9 students during the school day. This then allows them to gain a better understanding of what is on offer at Key Stage 4 (KS4). This is followed by a KS4 Evening which parents and students are encouraged to attend. The details of this are outlined in the KS4 Booklet available from the download section at the bottom of this page.

This KS4 Evening gives the students the chance to discuss the course structure of the different subjects with teachers and this is followed by a Year 9 parents’ evening in March. These events enable the students to make informed choices regarding their KS4 programmes. We also have independent careers advisors and Year 9 students are welcome to make an appointment via the Careers Office if they ask at Student Reception. In Year 10, all students follow the core programme of English, Maths, Science, PE, Philosophy and Ethics and PSHE. Most students then select three further subjects and are expected to select one subject from History, Geography, French or German. However, some students are guided towards a more bespoke vocational package within their choices.

In Year 10, all students complete a work experience placement and they are supported by the PSHE teacher and the Careers Office in securing a suitable placement. Students sit internal examinations in the summer term and this is followed by a parents’ evening to discuss the progress since the start of Key Stage 4. Students also complete controlled assessments within many subject areas in Years 10 and 11 and these are a significant percentage of the students’ final examination so it is important that students develop good study habits from the outset and are able to plan their workload and be organised to meet deadlines. Each subject area will develop generic study and revision skills which can be used across all subjects as preparation for assessments and exams. Parents are invited to attend two key parents’ evenings at the start of Year 11 and shortly after the mock examination results in January of Year 11.

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