In light of current temporary arrangements regarding distance-learning, information and advice regarding the use of social media which has been sent to parents and carers, is also available to download below.

Paper copies of all information on this website is available by request.

Staying safe online

The internet has brought us many benefits and at St Laurence School we recognise the power of ICT as an environment for learning and communications. However, we are also alert to the dangers posed by communication technologies (cyber-bullying, online grooming, exposure to inappropriate material etc), particularly for young people.

St Laurence School has a duty of care for our students in respect of E-Safety. It is our responsibility:

  • To protect and educate pupils and staff in their use of technology;
  • To have the appropriate mechanisms in place to intervene and support E-Safety incidents where appropriate;

Digital Parenting

We recognise that parents and carers wish to provide digital protection for their children and promote safe usage. As within school, there is a need to combine education with responsible oversight and to impose age appropriate controls over access to online materials and time spent with multi-media devices.

For support and information, please see the National Online Safety website. They provide some excellent, and social media/gaming specific resources, to support both parents/carers and children:

Social Media and Cyber-advice Posters (PDSC/ChildSafeVPN)

Police Digital Security Centre (PDSC) is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by the police, who believe that the majority of cyber crime can be prevented by taking a few simple steps.

PDSC partners, ChildsafeVPN has created a set of useful infographics about cyber-safety aspects of the main apps and sites that young people may come across.

You can download the posters here:

If you are worried about online activity, online sexual abuse or the way someone has been communicating with you online, you can report this via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command website:

For further information about staying safe online please see the following links:


Policy Relating to E-Safety

Policies relating to E-Safety can be found on our policies page here.

These policies are:

Policy on Acceptable Use of Mobile Phones

Policy on Anti-Bullying

School Policy On ICT and E Safety