Good careers education is essential for preparing students for adult life.  It provides young people with the knowledge and skills to enable them to plan and manage their journey through learning, training and into work.

St Laurence aims to provide a continuous and progressive careers education, from Year 7-13, which will enable students to make important life decisions and choices, and also develop students’ personal qualities which will ultimately lead to them living satisfying and effective lives in which paid employment is a part.

Heads of House and tutors, alongside the Careers Team, monitor the progress and carry the overview of each student. Students are mentored by their tutors at key times throughout the year and are offered opportunities to meet with our Independent Careers Advisers and the Careers Team. During these sessions targets are set which are reviewed by the House and Careers Teams on a regular basis. Careers information is available in the ILC Careers Library and on line via Resource Companion  (see the link below). This, together with an engaging and comprehensive programme of careers education, helps students to plan and manage their own career plans. More detailed information about the Careers Education at St Laurence can be accessed via the Key Stage links.

Careers Information Links:

Careers information is available online via the following link using the case-sensitive password: soishi79 


Username and password can be found in the student planner.


The following Link is to access eCLIPS online which provides:

  • Detailed information on over 1,400 careers
  • Live streamed labour market information including current opportunities
  • Impartial advice on education and employment choices
  • Support for careers decision-making
  • An interactive Careers Wizard tool to offer job suggestions

Careers Education

Key Stage 3

Year 7

Students follow the PSHE course which explores and develops Personal Key Skills for Learning

Year 8

Students develop, as part of the PSHE programme, their decision-making skills, and learn about the importance of making informed decisions.  Students, during their Equality unit of work, challenge the idea of gender bias within job roles as well as issues of discrimination.

Year 9

Students begin to explore the world of work, consider their own self-awareness of their personal skills and qualities, and continue to develop decision making skills.  This learning, as well as support and guidance from staff, should help students make the right option choices for Key Stage 4. There is also a Key Stage 4 Curriculum Day which provides Year 9 students with a series of morning activities connected to option choices.  This is then followed by an Open Evening for both parents and students with class teachers present.

Key Stage 4

Year 10

Students explore the new skills they have gained since starting Key Stage 4 and start to consider how to prepare for life after school. They look at job advertisements, prepare a CV, understand how to apply for a job and understand basic interview skills.  Students research different jobs using our online resources, which then helps to prepare them for organising a placement for one week of work experience in May/June.

Year 11

Students prepare for making successful applications for post 16 training. Guidance is given about available opportunities and careers guidance is available to all Year 11. On Post-16 Opportunities Day, Y11 students complete a series of morning activities connected with making the right choices.  This is followed by a Next Steps evening for both parents and students with class teachers present.  This is open to all students wishing to attend St Laurence in the 6th Form. External candidates are welcome.

Sixth Form

During the Sixth Form students are given advice and guidance to assist them with their next steps in their education at University or through Foundation courses at College as well as into the world of work via an apprenticeship or straight into the work place.

The students all take part in Core Enrichment lessons in Year 12 (twice a fortnight) and Year 13 (once a fortnight) and part of the focus of these lessons is to help students make informed choices about their next steps. During these lessons the students will listen to guest speakers discussing University, Apprenticeships, mock interviews, financial advice as well as GAP Year talks. The students take part in a careers morning during term 6 of Year 12 during which they meet over 50 professionals from a range of fields to discuss what their area of employment is like and what skills are needed to help make an informed decision about their next steps.

During Year 12 every student visits Bristol to the University Fair during which students can learn more about what happens after Sixth Form and the options available to them. In late June / early July of Year 12 students are all taken to a University Open Day at either Southampton or Cardiff University thus enabling them all to gain a real feel for a University. Students are also encouraged to visit as many open days as possible during Year 12 and 13.

Every student has access to independent careers advisers and meetings with these advisers are arranged quickly and are more importantly for most, free of charge!

There is also a bespoke section of the Independent Learning Centre or ILC dedicated to careers and next steps information.

To help them decide on their next step beyond Sixth Form a booklet is given to every student with information on UCAS, Universities, personal statement writing as well as Apprenticeships and the world of work. The booklet is below in the Careers Documents.

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