St Laurence Extra

Thank you for your interest in St Laurence Extra after school clubs.

We offer a wide variety of activities for our students to enjoy. These range from sports training and competions to music and drama sessions. Most clubs run from 15:00 to 16:00. The majoirty of our clubs are run by our own staff and are free to St Laurence School students. Some of our activities, such as sporting events, rotate durring the year to reflect the changing seasons.

We are using SchoolCloud – Clubs & Events to manage our clubs and register our students after school. Parents and carers should use their SchoolCloud login, which also provides access to Parents’ Evenings, to sign their chidren up to St Laurence Extra after school clubs.

Details of all our activities are published below.


School Cloud – Clubs & Events

We are using SchoolCloud – Clubs & Events for managing our after school clubs. Please use your SchoolCloud Code to login and go to the Clubs & Events section. This is the same code as you need to book appointments for Parents’ Evenings.

New codes will be issued to all parents / carers shortly.

SchoolCloud – St Laurence School



Homework Club

An update on Homework Club will appear here soon.



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